Excellent for fine tuning their listening skills

“All the children throughout our school have experienced a Releasing Rhythms workshop during our Integrated Education Week which they found to be a very enjoyable experience. The activities were excellent for fine tuning their listening skills and developing their capacity for understanding instructions. Practising these skills is excellent for brain development. I believe that these […]

A great hands-on experience

“Releasing Rhythms offered Cinemagic participants a fantastic opportunity to learn about African culture in a fun and educational way. The young people involved had a great hands-on experience and thoroughly enjoyed the workshops. All ages can avail of the workshops & the teachers praised the facilitators for their unique style of educating. ”

Professional in everything they did

“The Spectrum Centre were privileged to have worked with Releasing Rhythms. They were professional in everything they did & participants were completely involved & interested in the activities. After working with Releasing Rhythms, The Spectrum Centre have already lined up future projects to work in partnership with them, due to the success & quality of […]